We always knew workplace harassment is a problem. But the #MeToo campaign was a game changer, because now we understand how big this problem really is. Studies show that workplace harassment is unreported and unacknowledged, mostly because of low trust levels of individuals in the system. Harassment takes its toll on people's well being, their mental health, their performance and their career. It also deeply hurts employers: their internal and external reputation, company's morale, and financial resilience. We need a real change in culture, real action, and creative ways to tackle this problem. 


Transforming the workplace culture by providing an innovative solution and approach. Reinventing the way harassment is being recorded and reported. Reinstating trust within organisations. Disrupting serial harassers with disruptive technology. 


Vault allows users to record harassment experiences, store evidence and personal memos. Users are in complete control over the information stored in their Vault which no other party can access without explicit consent. Once the case is recorded, the user is notified whether the perpetrator's name was deposited in Vault by other users. This information empowers individuals to take action and report their case. Vault then connects the user to the appropriate internal personnel. 



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Blockchain is emerging as a major disruptive technology, and it is revolutionising many aspects of the digital world. Several of the attributes of this technology are crucial to Vault:

  • Immutable, tamper-proof records
  • Secured private keys ensure user's sole access to encrypted information
  • Distributed information as opposed to a single database.


If you are a forward-thinking employer and take harassment seriously, we would love to hear from you. Please get in Touch to discuss how Vault might work in your organisation.