Did you know that On average just 25% of internal misconduct gets reported in YOUR workplace?

Employers only see the tip of the iceberg


From workplace bullying and harassment, to fraud, corruption and supply-chain misconduct - issues that lie beneath the surface are costing companies more than ever before. 

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It impacts YOUR people.

Misconduct takes its toll on people's well being, their mental health, their performance and their career.

They need more security - and greater confidence, to record and report misconduct in, and within your business. 

Anonymity must not be the only answer.



Misconduct can deeply damage an organisation's morale, and financial resilience.

You want to reduce the risk of damage to your brand and reputation. Whilst gaining insight into the internal health of your workforce. 

To retain great people and increase diversity.

At Vault, we're changing misconduct reporting for the better. 


Vault makes it easy for organisations - and their people - to record, report and resolve misconduct.
Our platform puts employees and employers back in control. 


Each employee has their own unique and confidential Vault. 


Every record is given a unique, unchangeable time stamp. 


Evidence can be added and witnesses nominated. 


Then reported as an individual, or through  a 'go together' function.

Why we're better.

We're building trust. 
We believe in transparency and accountability.
And we don't think it's right for us, as a third party, to be in control of your valuable and sensitive data.

So we have built our platform using private blockchain technology.
To give you 100% security and control.


Are you a forward-thinking employer tackling misconduct issues in your organisation?
We'd love to talk.